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Caffeine = Code

(Originally Posted 6/26/2006)

This is one of the first equations programmers learn. Very few programmers I have ever known stay away from “the juice” completely. Our daily work requires focus, concentration, and a high level of mental energy. I am convinced that there is a linear relationship between the amount of caffeine consumed and the amount of code written in a single day. When I don’t have coffee, I tend to stare at my code with little understanding of what to do next.

One of our programmers at InsureMe has a shrine to Rockstar energy drink on his desk. My personal addiction is a Starbucks cappuccino, every morning, if I can afford it. The office coffee isn’t bad either - it’s at least a step or two above your average grocery store brand. Some are into soda - I’ve seen structures made out of Coke or Mountain Dew cans that approach the Eiffel Tower in both size and complexity. Yes, we coders love our caffeine. There is a programming language named Java. Do you think that’s a mistake?

Think caffeine is bad for you? Probably not. I shall quote:

“However, caffeine’s popularity in the computer industry may also be due to the special mental boost caffeine confers, which helps improve accuracy and speed in completing certain tasks, including writing computer programs and operating computer systems.”

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